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COMPANY NAME Kalon Venture Partners

- Kalon Venture Partners Tech Fund
ABOUT Kalon Venture Partners is a registered venture capital company (VCC) for purposes of section 12J of the Income Tax Act. With the forever changing and rapidly expanding digital technology industry in South Africa, investing in a Section 12J fund that focuses in digital disruptive tech makes for an exciting diversification of ones’ portfolio. Investing in a Section 12J company also gives investors access to sectors that are limited or non-existent in the listed space on the JSE. The Kalon Venture Partners Fund invests in the most promising disruptive tech companies utilising the most experienced and successful board of investors.

Let's hear a little more about the company, some history, where you are now, and what you see for the future?

Kalon was founded by the CEO, Clive Butkow, who was the ex COO of Accenture South Africa. Prior to his COO role Clive led Accenture’s technology business. The board is made up of established entrepreneurs, technology experts and business leaders with more than 175 years experience. We have raised over R100 million and made 4 investments to-date. Our mission is “To become the pre-eminent tech venture capital company on the African continent investing in entrepreneurs solving African problems”.

What type of investor should invest in your funds?

The question a mature investor would ask is: how can I best gain access to those great technology companies of tomorrow? They could do this on a one- on-one direct basis if they come into contact with an entrepreneur, or they can invest their money on a tax efficient basis in a company that operates in a regulated environment, where there is a spread of risk, there is astute selection of opportunities and there is responsible post-investment management. By investing in a venture capital company, like Kalon, they would gain the benefits of diversifying their risk across a portfolio of companies. The investments are chosen by experienced managers by selecting the best opportunities from the dozens of companies who approach them for capital.

What sets you apart from other venture capital companies?

Kalon is a high touch venture capital company providing smart interventions for smart returns. Kalon provides more than financial capital and focuses on mentorship capital, relationship/social capital and access to human capital. Our high touch approach and access to market in South Africa and abroad makes us a viable option for high growth technology entrepreneurs. Kalon’s expected returns are between 30% and 38% over 5 to 6 years.

What are your fees?

3% once off capital raise and 2.5% yearly management fee

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